WHAT CAN WE DO? anything and everything that’s the short answer

We approach every idea, design our dream with the mindset that we can make it work. We will work closely (and honestly) with you at every step.

Our exceptional new facility in Portland, Oregon, offers 7,000-square-feet of advanced production technologies and equipment. We are now able to handle ever-larger and ever-more-challenging jobs. With multiple hydraulic tilt tables, overheads cranes and laminating machines, there is virtually no limit to the size or complexity of the glass laminating project we can take on.

Glass Strategies in Portland, Oregon, offers proven expertise in:

  • Safety glass. The world’s highest performing impact and ballistics systems (hurricane-rated laminate; bullet resistant; security glazing)
  • Custom and irregularly shaped glass (undulated, thin, cast, etc.)
  • Sandblasting
  • Cold working

We offer a range of strategically applied, state-of-the-science liquid laminate techniques (silicon, polyester, UV, urethane, etc.), and are expanding our capabilities in film laminates.

"Our company manufactures kiln-fired glass and we have worked with Glass Strategies for may years to resin-laminate our glass. Rich Lamothe and Glass Strategies have the attention to detail, fast response time and customer service rarely found today in the glass industry. Portland is a long way to ship glass from our factory, but we have found time and time again that the benefit of working with Glass Strategies far outweighs the cost or inconvenience of long-distance shipping. The quality of their work is unmatched and their service is always dependable." PETER HAYES, MELTDOWN GLASS

What you can imagine,
we can build.

Since our company was founded by Rich Lamothe in 2004, we have followed a few simple principles:

  • service, honesty and customer interaction are everything;
  • delivering quality and value for our clients is paramount;
  • from the most simple order for safety glass to the most extraordinary international artwork every project is custom in our attention to detail and creativity;
  • plan and work strategically, think without limits;
  • our reputation must be earned every day, every job.

Adhering to those principles (which really aren’t simple at all), backed by the most experienced team in the business and the most up-to-date facilities and equipment, has taken us to the top of our industry. We serve a remarkable list of artists, architects, engineers, glass manufacturers and others, nationally and internationally.

From the miniature to the monumental, we bond art and science as deftly and creatively as we bond glass. Now, there’s nothing glass can’t do.

Whether you are an expert in laminated glass, or are new to the process and have a vision waiting to become reality, Glass Strategies will make it happen beautifully, on-time and on budget. We do it right the first time, every time.


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